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Work Visa


H1B Work Visa

An employer sponsored visa that will allow a foreign national to be able to work in the US and earn US wages. Specialty occupations require a minimum bachelor’s degree in specific fields. A specific number of H1Bs are given out each year by the US government.

E-3 (specialty occupation for Australian Citizens)

A specialty visa category for Australian Citizens only. Less requirements than the H1B work visa with the US consulate which means the Australian Citizen in the specialty occupation can work in the US with fewer restrictions. A quota of 10,500 visas allowed per year.

TN (NAFTA professional)

A special agreement between US, Canada and Mexico to allow certain skilled workers in high occupations to move more freely between the countries. A job offer is required to qualify in this visa category. Less government restrictions and no quota make it a quick process once done properly. Only certain skilled occupations may qualify in this category.

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L-1A (intracompany transferee—managers & executives)

A special visa for executives and managers to be able to move and work between the same organization in different countries to utilize the unique skills to help the organization grow or open offices in the US.

L-1B (intracompany transferee—workers with specialized knowledge)

A special visa for key skilled employees who can offer unique skills to the same organization in the US to help the organization grow.

O-1A Extraordinary Ability—Science, Education, Business, or Athletics

For those with high skills within the Science, Education, Business or Athletics field who are highly recognized at the national or international level of achievement.

O-1B Extraordinary Ability—Arts, Motion Picture, or Television

This visa is for the unique talents in the Arts, Motion Pictures or Television where extraordinary achievement at a national or international level has been achieved.

P-1A (athletes)

For athletes coming to perform temporarily in the US on thei own or as part of a team. Short term stay in the US.

P-1B (entertainment groups)

For entertainers coming to perform alone or as part of a group for a short term period with no intentions to remain in the US for long periods.

I Visa (members of foreign press & media)

This visa is for members of the media looking to enter Canada for short time periods and planning to leave after their job duties have been filled. The employee belongs to the international organization and will not take on any employment in the US. 


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