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Family Visa


K-1 fiancé(e) visa 

Allow you to go to the US and get married to your partner in order to work and live in the US. An assessment is needed to go over the fiancée and fiancé qualifications to make sure you are eligible for sponsorship and to be sponsored.

Immediate relative petition (i.e., spouse, parent or child of US citizen)

Four Spouses/Children

-Allow you to be able to join your married partner in the US and to work and live together.

For Parents

-Allow you to join your kids in the US to be able to be close to your loved ones.

Family preference petition

Allow you to join your brothers and sisters in the US

Naturalization (US citizenship)

Once you have been living as a green card holder for a period of 5 years you may have the privilege of becoming a US citizen. 


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